Beauty Favorites

We all have our favorite things… here are some of mine:

This is the best facial product I’ve ever purchased. Both my daughter-in-law and I have stopped a pimple that was coming up. It literally causes pimples to start going away as soon as you start using it and, if possible, start using it before it is showing. I use this when I do not have a pimple for skin tightening and overall better complexion. I love it. I don’t have hair loss so I cannot comment on that aspect of this beauty tool.

Mid-Section Fat Freezing!
Oh! Yes!!! I will be honest, you have to use it religiously to see results but it does work. Does it work as well as the professional places? NO! But over time, with regular use, it works! I used it for 3 weeks, every other day, and didn’t change anything else I was doing. My pants got looser and I lost 5 pounds.
Face Steamer
I did a lot of research before I bought a face steamer. I didn’t want some cheap nonsense but I also didn’t want to pay a gazillion dollars for one either. This worked out better than expected, as it is high quality, can diffuse oils, and is made in America. There was also a card insert stating they are a family business; I feel that is a bonus!
This is a very professional home Diamond microdermabrasion machine for skin rejuvenation. I only recommend doing this every 3-6 weeks but it has totally improved my skin. I have residual acne scarring and in 6 months it has lightened the scarring at least 15%. I don’t have severe scarring so I cannot guarantee results for others but it sure worked great on me and even significantly improved the bumps on my daughter-in-law’s arms.