NOPE! Not what your li’l dirty mind was thinking! I will be playing fantasy football again this year but there will only be one slight difference…. I’m winning this year! YEP! I got this!

In preparation for a new (winning) year, I decided to re-do my team logo and here is what I came up with – had to bring some pink/femininity to the league!

Football is for divas!

I’ve been watching football since I was about 5 years old – with my (step-) grandpa – a Redskins fan. Ironically, he was Cherokee Indian and didn’t find “Redskins” offensive (these damn snowflakes who caused it to be changed, and changed again)! I am not the only girl who has been watching football almost my entire life and yet football still carries a stigma as being a man’s sport. NO CHANCE!

And Fantasy Football is for divas too!

I started playing fantasy football several years back when my son’s league was suddenly a player short! I sort of did not want to play, as I didn’t know a darn thing about how to play. I’ve made the playoffs many of the years since and enjoy it very much! Of course, the first year, my sons helped me tremendously! Now I play fantasy, have some fun with Draft Kings nearly every week during football season, and have even contemplated starting my own, ALL FEMALE, league.

ESPN Fantasy Football

We use the ESPN Fantasy Football platform to maintain the league I am in. The app/website has all the NFL stats that help you make great decisions during your draft and while you are setting your lineup each week. It makes playing fantasy football easy because they provide all the rankings and data that you need to make winning decisions!

Is fantasy football for you?

Have you ever thought of playing fantasy football? Would you be interested in joining an all diva league? Leave a comment or contact me and let me know if you are interested? Also let me know if you have ever played before and/or what your skill level is?

Diva Fantasy Football
Diva Fantasy Football

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