Dysport Review Update

It has been a minute since my “Injections – I’ve been devirginized” Dysport review. I promised an update so here it is…

Dysport Review: Looks Natural!

I love it! It does not look one bit unnatural. I can still move my face and have expressions but I don’t wrinkle. I wasn’t really wrinkling much before so it is hard to compare a resting face before and after but I feel like when I’m upset it shows less. I didn’t do anything around my lower face (laugh lines) and I would like to find something to smooth that area BEFORE I get significant laugh lines there; something I consider preventative like Dysport but that is not unnatural (like Dysport).

How long does Dysport last?

Dysport has to be re-done about every three months and… the sad part: my injector quit! LOL! She decided to leave the beauty side of medicine and took a job in a treatment center. I cannot be mad because she is wonderful and will be a great blessing to addicts who need someone like her. I’d rather they have her to save their life than I have her to beautify my forehead but I was definitely comfortable with her and disappointed I have to find someone else.

Treatments are generally repeated every 3-5 months so I still have some time to find someone new. I have to evaluate how long I need to go between treatments. Because the results are so natural it is difficult to notice when you need to treat again. I figure I did it on December 14th so I should be good until at least March 14.

Dysport Review Image
Dysport Review Image

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