Injections – I’ve been devirginized

Why I decided to get injections

Injections. I did it! Today I was de-virginized! YEP! I had my first injections! Okay so I am pushing 50 and most of my divalicious girlfriends have been getting injections like Botox for quite some time. I’ve been scared because I didn’t understand all the different products and, more importantly, the difference between fillers and injections like Botox and Dysport. Further, I’ve been very blessed that I haven’t felt the desire to do so, as I’m not wrinkling much.

BUT LATELY… my left eye is starting to get crows feet. My doctor explained it is because I sleep on my left side. It appears that most women do sleep on their left side; especially if they have had children. Sleeping on your left side keeps your uterus off your liver, improves circulation, is healthier for your fetus, etc… He also mentioned it helps with heartburn, indigestion, and helps improve digestion (now I’m officially all in). The downside is that whatever side you sleep on is likely to show signs of aging first.

I am, and have always been, rather vain. I do not see any reason not to do something that is safe and makes you feel good about yourself. If you can afford it, have done your research, and want to try a procedure then try it! Go to someone well-qualified. Don’t go for cheap and risk suffering the consequences of being botched!

When you shouldn’t get injections

(or anything else)

What you shouldn’t do is compare yourself to Instagram photos and/or celebrities. All that crap, even videos, are touched up, photoshopped, etc… Do not waste your time, money, and emotions trying to be some dishonest/fake version of perfect! I have seen so many times women get caught up in a never-ending cycle of trying to achieve perfectionism that is ill-perceived. The result is they, quite predictably, make matters worse and, eventually, screw their head up more than when they started ( back when they were all natural).

I have a friend, who was once the prettiest girl I had ever known, and is now not even on my top-ten list of prettiest friends. Sadly, every time a guy broke her heart she tried to fix the outside and it was the inside that had been damaged several boyfriends ago. She’s had things done that most of us didn’t know could be done. I stopped counting the surgeries. The most common ones include multiple nose jobs, cheek implants, jaw implants, breasts in, breasts out, breasts in (bigger) breasts out, natural-sized back in, back out, now back in and BIGGER than all the others, liposuction, more liposuction, more liposuction, and even more liposuction, etc… Don’t misunderstand me… I have had a few rounds of liposuction but do it for you; not anyone else and don’t go overboard!

Another very dear friend had some serious health issues that resulted in external scars (including a double mastectomy) and now she cannot stop trying to fix things that were never broken. I don’t wish cancer (and the emotional trauma that comes with it) on anyone but all the tummy tucks, implants (beyond breasts), injections, and facial implants in the world cannot reverse the fact that you had, AND SURVIVED, a brutal cancer! I wish she knew how strong and incredibly beautiful (inside and out) the rest of us KNOW she is!!!

Bottom Line: Injections

Bottom line: subtle improvements go a long way. Trying to look like a Bratz doll (I swear that’s what folks are looking like these days) is terrible!!! Don’t believe me? Read this article: Everyone Thinks Kylie Jenner Looks Like A Bratz Doll: They’re not wrong

Why I chose Dysport over Botox

Okay… Back to the topic at hand! I had injections. Staying true to my position of not becoming too fake, I opted for Dysport instead of Botox. My research led me to the conclusion that Dysport appears more natural. Botox is better for deeper wrinkling but I, personally, am not there yet. Dysport spreads more easily so it covers a larger area. I had 90 units of Dysport in my crows feet and forehead. I didn’t do anything between the eyes because I just am not there yet. Another thing about Dysport is the results are often visible in 2-3 days (full results are said to be realized within 14 days). I figure I will be a super fly diva in this year’s Christmas photos!

What else am I considering?

What else am I considering? Well, I see a lot of lumpy faces in Los Angeles and I think it is because of fillers. I don’t want that lumpy face that I am not a fan of so I cannot see doing fillers any time soon. BUT… I did speak to my doctor about some PRP injections under my eyes. I do not have bags yet but I am seeing a little droopiness so… what the heck! It’s my own plasma (natural) and I already do PRP Microneedling (AKA vampire facials) every 4-6 weeks so I may as well do some injections at my next mircroneedling appointment. I’ll write a post about it and let you know what I think.


I will also update y’all after the Dysport fully kicks in and give you full feedback on my experience. For now… I’m devirginized: I got injections and am damn proud of it!

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