Happy New Year 2021

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt
Happy New Year 2021

Hopefully we have all taken the time to reflect on 2020 and be grateful for the good and learn from any challenges we experienced. More importantly, I hope you are taking some time to rearrange your goals for both your personal and professional lives and developing a plan to achieve them.

There are a few things I look forward to further evolving in 2021:

  • Eating Healthy More Consistently: When I eat healthy, I eat very healthy. When I deviate from eating healthy, I eat like total crap. For me, there is no in between. For this reason, I would consider my goal of eating healthier as the goal of eating healthy more consistently.
  • Exercise More: Yes, I am as lazy as lazy comes. I will make up any excuse ever thought of. I confess! I am going to nip my excuses in the butt and become a fitness lover at least three days per week. I say become a fitness lover because mindset is everything so success is dependent on my mindset. For this reason I will find exercise options that I love; I hereby commit to doing so!
  • Read More: I currently read 1-2 books per month. I would like to read a book per week. Intentionally feeding my spirit is very important to me!
  • Procrastinate Less: Guilty as charged! No excuses. Like many, I like to avoid tasks I don’t feel like doing by scrolling through social media. Reality… it feels good to get things done and it improves self-esteem. This is probably my biggest goal of 2021.
  • GRATITUDE!!: Focus on being grateful. It changes everything for the better! The simple practice of writing down a few things your grateful for, especially when you are having a bad moment, changes your mindset and heartset.
  • Cognitive Reframing: This is one of the best practices you will ever practice (I don’t say learn because I believe it is a work in progress that nobody ever perfects)! We get to CHOOSE how we interpret every situation in our life. Cognitive Reframing is the practice of recognizing when we are interpreting something in a negative manner and reframing our thoughts to be more positive. As some would say, it is turning our lemons into lemonade. For instance, if the thought “nothing ever goes right for me” pops into your head you could reframe it to something like “Life challenges me frequently which allows me to grow better and stronger regularly.”
  • Meditate more consistently: There for a while I was meditating daily. I have slacked off despite how much I know it benefits me. I would like to consistently meditate at least once per day but, ideally, twice per day!
  • Drink more water: No explanation needed. No excuse will work. Drink more water. PERIOD.

Things I am grateful to have accomplished in 2020

  • I started praying more
  • I traveled
  • I did more for me
  • I got my veneers (I love pretty teeth)
  • Saved money better than ever before
  • Did some de-cluttering (this is an ongoing task because my love of shopping will never end)

Final Thoughts

Goal-setting is important and is just the beginning. You must also create a road map for achieving your goals. Schedule the time, plan them out, etc… Today is the first day of the rest of your life and the beginning is the most important. Write them down, create a map, and live your best life – starting today.

Happy 2021! You got this!